Remote Today was founded by two friends, John Diep (often mistaken for Johnny Depp) and Aleksey Lazaryev, who met over 20 years ago at a startup in Pasadena, CA. Over the years, both have achieved success in Corporate America, as successful entrepreneurs in various business ventures across multiple verticals, and as husbands & parents.

John and Aleksey finally decided to combine their deep fascination and appreciation for travel, culture, food, and technology into a community that caters to remote work enthusiasts. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s our appreciation for family, life, and time. There is no need to anchor yourself in any one particular location. We encourage our community members to live anywhere; work from anywhere; relish the time life offers in the absence of stress, inequities, and a rigid 8-5 schedule.

We want to provide a platform for existing remote work enthusiasts and new members to join our global community that shares their stories of success from different perspectives and perhaps from a unique cafe in the Maldives. We offer a wide range of courses for continued growth in Technology, Investment Opportunities, Real Estate, Health Care, etc.

Be the driving force behind your successes! Your successes will be a chapter in our community that inspires others to do the same.

–Aleksey & John